I’m sure this question comes up when you’re out bowling…”how do they make those balls?” Bowling balls are heavy with a sparkly outside shell, with 3 holes drilled into it.. and yet it still stays balanced when you roll it. What goes into making a bowling ball? I wanted to know, so here’s what I found….

In the 80s, they started making bowling balls out of urethane which has better surface friction and better contact of the lane then plastic (previous to that they were using wood and rubber). Starting in the 90s, they started using a reactive urethane, which give the ball a better grip. Then there’s the composite core (or the weight block) of the ball which is can be made from a dense form of barium. As far as manufacturing goes, it’s a little something like this:

When a bowling ball is built, the core of the ball is anchored by a small rod and is suspended in a mold when the cover stock is poured into the mold. When the cover stock material hardens and the bowling ball is removed from the mold, the rod that was holding the core of the ball in the mold is removed. At this point there is a hole in the ball that has to be filled in, it is filled with plug material. This plug looks like a dot on the surface of the bowling ball is known as the “pin”. The pin signifies the position of the top of the core in the bowling ball. More info at:

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