Design Burgh! ARTEMIS

Artemis is definately a unique treasure to Pittsburgh. As Pittsburgh continues to evovle from an old steel city into a more green city, a place like Artemis that offers environmentally responsible building materials is essential. Located on Butler Street in Lawrenceville, the store showcases samples of flooring, wall panels, fabrics, carpets, paints, and stains. When I was there I purchased a new Soy Gel paint stripper. The best part of the Soy Gel is that there are no fumes when you use it. My other favorite product was the Paper Stone countertops. These countertops had a similar look and feel of the soapstone tops that you would see in a high school science lab, but there were made completely out of recycled paper. With new LEED certified buildings going up like the Glass Lofts and Bakery Square in the East End, the knowledge, expertise, and resouces that Artemis offers will be key in the future development of green building in Pittsburgh.

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