How do you slice your pizza?

I was curious to see who invented the pizza cutter. I did some research but still haven’t found a single person who invented the rotary cutter that slices your pizza. I did, however, find a few note worthy inventions based around this original design. These are the Scizza Pizza Cutter, they’re scissors with a flexible spatula that holds up your pizza as you make clean slices.

This high-tech cutter was designed by a surgeon. The Van Vacter Pizza cutter is designed for precision cutting. The large wheel makes the first pass, while the smaller wheel cleans up and cuts any remaining cheese or crust the big wheel missed.

Lastly, there is the a Pizza/Fork cutter. I don’t think this is the best invention (it looks a bit dangerous), but it’s definitely clever if you want to eat your pizza entirely with one hand. The Pizza/Fork cutter is also recommended for use on pancakes, tostadas, and french toast.

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