Waste not.

Early February I attended the Greener Gadgets conference in NYC. The conference brought together consumer electronic industry leaders along with entrepreneurs, designers, and journalists who are all working together in green areas, such as, sustainable design and renewable energy. The ‘Green Movement’ is not a fad, it’s becoming a way of life. The only set back is, that ‘Green’ doesn’t have the ‘cool factor’ yet and that’s why they are looking to the consumer electronics industry to be the leader.

After the conference my mind was buzzing with all this new knowledge on green design. There were many fantastic speakers and panelists who attended, but it was Chris Jordan, who left the biggest impression on me. As a photographer, he took the statistics, the actual numbers of the amount of waste that we produce each day, and created an image of what that number looks like. These images have been ingrained in my head and make me stop and rethink every time I am about to throw something away and whether I can recycle it. These are just a few examples of his Running of Numbers project.

This image depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.

This is how Chris created this image by photographing a small number of bottles and then piecing them together to create the grand total of 2M bottles.

Depicts 30,000 reams of office paper, or 15 million sheets, equal to the amount of office paper used in the US every five minutes.

This shows a close up of what all these reams of paper look like. The images on this blog don’t do his work justice. Please go to his website: http://www.chrisjordan.com/ and see these images at a higher quality in addition to the other mind blowing images that he’s created of our daily excesive waste.

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