Designism Connects

This is a new website that links designers interested in social activism and sustainable issues with people trying to get projects in these fields off the ground. There are many motivated, creative people thinking big green ideas, but with no design resources or know-how to get such projects off the ground. Designism Connects aims to connect designers and emerging green or socially conscientious businesses, so that they can collaborate and make the next big ideas come to life.

The searches on Designism Connects, work like a bad dating site “I am a…” then you chose designer or non-profit, “looking for a…” and you know how the rest probably goes, and no the answer isn’t man or woman. The site is easy enough to peruse and signing up was quick and painless. I do want an RSS feed for searches in fields I want, but hopefully that’s coming soon. I hope to find an interesting project on this site soon.

It appears many of the early projects are for web-site development. I hear there are about 500 projects in the pipe-line that should be hitting the site shortly. The site is new, so who knows what will hit the project boards in the coming months. Stay-tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the perfect project!

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