What will you be doing at 101?

I recently read an interview with Eva Zeisel in Elle Decor, UK (June 2008 issue). She is one of my favorite designers of all time. The interview was short and had some pretty quirky questions, things I probably wouldn’t ask Eva if I had the opportunity to interview her. For example, “If you were an animal what would you be?” Well, Eva knew better than to answer that, “I cannot be an animal. I am a very clever, elegant person.” Her answers were simple and practical but elegant, and at 101 years old, Eva Zeisel is still sharp and still designing. Remarkable.

I’ve been pulling long hours sewing these past few nights getting ready for Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh. In the busyness of coming up with new bag designs, this quote by Eva made me rethink my purpose as a designer, “To make something different is not a great art. But to give pleasure, that is design.” This is why, at 101, Eva Zeisel is still an amazing and timeless designer.

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