Child-Powered Toys

Sprig Toys is a cool new toy company. This company creates toys from natural materials that are powered by ‘child-power.’ The toys are pumped to generate power to the LEDs in these toys. The toys are made mostly from a non-toxic, recyclable material called Sprigwood which appears to be a versatile potentially green material, which could be a good replacement for some types of plastics. The only caviat to all of this talk of green materials is that a material is only as green as the design for disassembly or recycling program which supports these materials. This move to utilizing the play of children reduces the batteries that would have otherwise gone to landfill because of all the cheap electronic toys on the market. 

Sprig Toys is already profitable and has been winning toy design awards. They project earnings of $4 Million in the coming year after their release of yet another toy-line. It would seem that designing and marketing green toys that promote active play for children inspires parents and children alike. 

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