online Networking. Is It Valuable?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the power of online networking. Is it valuable? How will you see if it’s working for your small business? Why would someone care what I twitter, stumble, or reddit? Is it valuable to connect on Linkedin or Facebook?

Well the folks at <a href="
“>Sales Team Tools as well as the marketing guru Seth Godin have an opinion on the matter. The general consensus seems to be. These tools can be valuable. With that in mind, networking on the internet has made it easier than ever to disingenuously connect to a person or group of people. In Seth’s video and within the Sales Team article they both seem to shake their finger at the world of super-connecting. This comprises of groups of people that seek out to connect with everyone in their social networking cross-hairs. This type of networking devalues the power of the connections that you may view on linkedin and facebook. This type of empty networking doesn’t do anyone any good. A good rule of thumb, seems to be if you know the person in real life feel free to reach out to connect with them digitally.

If this trend of super-connecting to online populations continues will social networking tools continue to be useful? If not what’s next? If so, how do we guard our networks against such blatant hollow, online schmoozing? Should we repurpose the “Just say no” campaign?

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