Our Top Faves at the Home & Housewares Show

We just got back from the International Home & Housewares show in Chicago. It was great to have a little getaway from Pittsburgh and see some fantastic new designs for the home. We saw a lot of appliances and home goods, more than we could count. However, there were a few things that really stuck out that we felt were the most memorable.

Alen Corp – They came up with a very sophisticated design for their new Paralda Air Purifier. We only show it green, but on the show floor they had it in 7 other colors. The design itself looked like it was floating above the ground with their use of translucent plastic for the housing. The design not only blends well with a home’s interior, but you also take notice of its elegant form.

Bakers Edge – At the show we saw a lot of products that helped you to multi task and to be more efficient in the kitchen. It was refreshing to see a product that did one thing and one thing very well; the Edge Brownie and Lasagna Pan. This patented design is simple and consistently gives you a brownie with 2 chewy edges every time. For lasagna, it cooks evenly so that you never get a soggy middle piece that falls apart. This is a smart design that addresses a need and desire for a lot of brownie (and lasagna) lovers, an edge piece!

Bodum – Color was the main topic at the show and we saw it everywhere. Bodum seemed to do it the best. They had a solid product line with color through out. Their use of matte and texture gave their simple shaped products richness in their look and in feel. They definately set the bar for design and color at the show.

Cloer – We walked endless aisles of appliances, but Cloer made us stop to take a closer look at their products. Their simple lines and shapes to their appliances were subtle but distinct. The picture we show doesn’t do this toaster justice; it needs to be seen in person. The best detail is the side view with the dial where the brushed stainless steel thinly outlines the profile of the toaster.

These products were just a few of our top picks at the show. We have more to report on color, material, and consumers and their generational divides. More to come about the Home and Housewares Show 2009!

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