Futuristic Movie Interface Designer: Mark Coleran Interview

I stumbled upon this interview on Feed here animation and VFX design site via No Legacy I stumbled across an interview with a UI designer named Mark Coleran who specializes in creating interfaces for movies, often times mocking up over 30 to 40 hero shots, or very descriptive views, of an interface of the future. Totaling these projects can create 200 views. He speaks about design inspirations, staying on budget and animating his compositions. Check out the full interview at the link on the title.

I felt compelled to look at the images in the article so I mashed them together. Mark mentions his heavy use of Photoshop styles to use many of the same elements in his layouts, but make them look visually fresh and different. This copying of element is due to a trend in film clients paying per composition not per hour. This payment plan forces an artist to be very efficient. What do you think about the reuse of design elements? Other technical professionals use this practice; most web-developers use common back-end elements.

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