Tech Forward: sell your old, unwanted, functioning electronics for cash

Tech Forward is a company moderating the reuse or responsible recycling of electronics. One of the most environmentally conscientious uses of electronics is to repurpose them. Why use all that energy to recycle a laptop before it’s useful life has expired? shouldn’t someone else enjoy it first before it is recycled? We should get as much use out of our resources before recycling and Tech Forward is helping us accomplish this goal.

Once you make the decision to upgrade you may lock in your old electronics value online here. Then Tech Forward will send you a box and postage for your electronics. I have seen sites in the past that try to moderate the sales of electronics, but those acted more akin to ebay. More common today, are recyclers that try and get you to pay for your electronics to be recycled. Which, I believe is fair enough, if your electronics are no longer functioning. But, if your stuff still works why not sell it for a pretty penny. Tech Forward purchases your electronics and then sell them, this requires very little effort.

This is just one more way for all you gadget fiends to green your lifestyles.

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