Happy Earth Day & The Birth of Blue

Happy Earth Day everyone! I felt that as it’s Earth Day I should post something inspirational about sustainability. There is no better environmental cheerleader than Adam Werbach. Attached to the title of this post is a talk he gave at the Commonwealth Club. Adam spoke about what he is calling the Blue Movement, the movement that comes after Environmentalism and Green. The way he talks about it, Blue is synonymous with Sustainability. Being the intersections of social, environmental and economic success for purpose of keeping people healthy, happy and provided for.

Later on in the talk Adam mentions a practice he instituted at Wal-Mart, PSP or personal sustainability practice. In the spirit of Earth Day and something like a new year’s resolution, I have decided to do a PSP of my own. I am no longer going to take the elevator at work when alone. I am going to take the stairs. Roughly speaking if I do this study I will save 0.57 kg CO2 per person per day, or 0.6 kg approx. This number is based on an article I found here. A rough estimate to be sure, but helpful to put into perspective the amount of energy used to carry me up and down everyday. Over the course of a year if I stick to my PSP I would save 219 kg of carbon. To put this in perspective replacing one 60 watt bulb with a 13 watt CFL removes 497 kg of CO2 from your footprint. Carbon offset numbers calculated from this data. So, while my elevator PSP is a small reduction of my personal carbon footprint every action we are willing to take helps reduce our carbon footprint.

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