Abu Noaman of Elliance talks about being digitally Savvy PR

Abu Noaman of ennect spoke about Sales & Marketing Network: Digital Savvy PR – Building Buzz and Business Online at the Pittsburgh Tech Council. The setup of the talk was what a social sphere looks like and how to connect new media to your companies fans. He contrasted the use of new media with how old media was used and how new media helps connect brands and professionals within a brand to a body of customers and fans.

Once he had setup the session our main topic of discussion was machines for generating natural buzz. He then introduced the term link bait, I hadn’t heard this term before. He pointed out that you must have the online infrastructure to support these buzz machines. So your website will have to be ‘donut shaped’ the term Abu used to mean your website acts merely as a window into your overall social experience. He gave a very compelling example Skittles, which is designed as a window that connects to all their companies social pages such as: twitter, youtube, facebook, etc. check it out!

Everything you do online should be inspired by keywords! Search engines are not going away. Make it easy for people to find your information or content. On the importance of twitter and social media, Even if your customers are not on these networks reporters are out their and they are searching for the next big internet story to cover. It’s in your companies best interest to stay connected and have a consistent story on the net. And if you’re not the one controlling your companies social media there are fans out there who are more than happy to write about the good and bad of your brand. Shouldn’t any good marketing person want to control these PR fires?

One thought on “Abu Noaman of Elliance talks about being digitally Savvy PR

  1. Abu’s reference to ‘Blended Searches’ really made sense of the importance to post all forms of media online. For example, video, maps, infograpics, photos, podcasts, etc.

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