Hammer, Swiss Army Knife or T

Jason sent a Tweet: Getting Ahead at Work: are you a Hammer or a Swiss Army Knife?

The article talks about people who are really good at one thing versus people who do a lot of things well. Even though, as the article states, it’s rare to be both–that’s exactly what we seek. Bill Moggridge of IDEO calls them T-shaped people. They have some deep skill, but are very adaptable and can pick up new skills readily.

2 thoughts on “Hammer, Swiss Army Knife or T

  1. This is an interesting article. I recently was discussing with someone who was saying that designs firms are seeing a shortage of ‘expertise’ in designers. A lot of designers are ‘swiss army knifes’ but are lacking the ‘hammer’ skills.

  2. I remember as a design student professors and industry professionals would recommend to me and my peers that we find an expertise and focus on it, while still having a handle on a broader skill set. In this economy I wonder what is keeping people employed? being a specialist or a generalist?

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