Ilana Diamond speaks at PghTech Women in Leadership Breakfast

Ilana Diamond, President of Sima Products Corporation, spoke this morning at the PghTech Women Network’s Women in Leadership Breakfast. Sima Products, located here in Pittsburgh, is a leading innovator of consumer electronic accessories, and Ilana has directed the company for the past 16 years. Ilana gave a very interesting and inspiring talk about her road to success with the company. The talk revolved around the perseverence and honesty needed to run such a business. One of their approaches to the business is “let them laugh.” You have to try things that you believe in, even if people laugh at the ideas. One of Sima’s best sellers, an inflatable home theater kit, speaks directly to this statement.

Ilana announced an exciting new product that you’re about to see on the shelves. The GPS Photo Journal is a device that will sync your digital photos with an exact location on a 3D map of where the photo was taken! Best of all, this device works with any digital photo device, be it a mobile phone or camera. I can think of many uses for this type of technology, and in a simple and flexible solution, I haven’t seen an external device like this before.

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