Inspiration Wall: Post III

Inspiration Wall installment III. I am happy to report we have begun fabricating new permanent pin-up boards for the inspiration wall. We have gotten such a good response from our readers that we will be making this a permanent installment on our blog. The name has not been finalized. I think it might help if we take a poll of you our readers to see what name you think fits best. stay tuned.

One of our readers Jennifer Rush, was kind enough to suggest some names. What do you all think about: Mind Food, From The Simple or Inspirate to Innovate? Anyone else have any other naming suggestion? Free to put them in the comment string below. I hope you enjoy the ___________wall! No that blank isn’t a censored word, that’s a placeholder for the pending name ; )

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Wall: Post III

  1. What about Bright Board? Inspivation Wall? Bright Inspiration Board? Wall-O-Vation? ha. Ok, that's good now i'm getting too far out there. Bright Board, there might be something to this one.

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