Cleveland + Pittsburgh + Youngstown

The Regional Learning Alliance is working to find ways for Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Youngstown to work together to address common issues.

As Jason discussed, these cities are a lot alike. The Cleveland design community is doing a project called Building Cleveland by Design — working to bring their resources together to promote sustainable design projects– some similarities to the EcoDesigners Guild here in Pittsburgh (which has a good Bright Innovation membership.)

It is good to see these cities bringing their ideas and resources together to take advantage of the fact that we’re geographically so close to each other.

They’ve even offered to fund idea exchanges between the three cities. This alliance is an interesting way to extend our influence. The Pittsburgh design community, as well as Cleveland and Youngstown, are not that big on their own–but it’s a pretty big design community when you look at as a single region. Putting $500 out there to make it happen doesn’t hurt, either.

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