How Simple Design can Change a Neighborhood

I recently posted about how the city of Toledo was freshening up their downtown with graphic posters in the windows of empty store fronts, turning the downtown into a ‘walkable gallery’. The graphic designers created a very simple, yet beautiful solution that brought a new energy to a desolate downtown.

A Pittsburgh neighborhood is also using a simple design to stir up new energy around upcoming development. Penn Ave Arts Inititave (PAAI) is using screen printed squares to decorate an empty lot. The squares have the word ‘SOON’ printed on them letting the neighborhood know that change to the property will be occurring soon. PAAI has done a lot to revitalize the neighborhood by brining in artists and new businesses to the Avenue, but development takes time. As a resident on Penn Ave, seeing these signs is exciting. The design of these signs is simple but effective. Instead of leaving a lot looking abandon (even though development might be in the works), this simple design sends a clear message, “Stay Tuned, something good is about to happen!”

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