Why not Pittsburgh?

G20 is fast approaching, September 24 and 25 is a little more than a month away. A lot of people have questioned why Pittsburgh was the selected city for the summit. The response?

“Why not Pittsburgh?!”

In the past 30 years the old rust belt city has reinvented itself with core technologies in green and medical industries. Pittsburgh neighborhoods like Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Garfield, Friendship, and East Liberty have been undergoing revitalization after being on decline for so many years. As a Pittsburgh design firm we have been able to assist in the city’s redevelopment on many levels.

We have delivered award winning products and services to our clients in the green tech and medical industries. Plextronics, a GoingGreen East 50 award winner, was selected based on its work in organic photovoltaic solar energy technology, helping to move the industry towards a goal of delivering electricity for less than a dollar per watt. Bright Innovation developed an innovative design which demonstrated their technology.

Vocollect Inc. engaged Bright Innovation to help create an award winning new way for nurses to work at Butler Memorial Hospital. Through this innovative technology, Butler Memorial Hospital won the nationally recognized Nursing Information Technology Innovation Award. Vocollect hired Bright Innovation to determine if their products and capabilities could improve the lives of IV team nurses and their patients. The design team shadowed nurses while they did their jobs, created simulations and conducted interviews in order to get a solid understanding of how the IV team members did their job and their most important needs. Using these interactive and observational tools, Bright Innovation found ways to improve data management, communication, and task management.

On a community level, several of Bright Innovation’s lead designers have volunteered their time to bring design to a changing neighborhood. These designers are part of the ecoDesigners Guild (eDG) which is made up of designers from various disciplines who want to give back to Pittsburgh in a green and sustainable way. The group has been dedicating their time to the first Green + Screen project that is going up in the arts corridor of Penn Avenue. The team has involved companies like Alcoa and Bayer Material Science, who have generously donated material to the project in addition to working with Summit Academy students who will be fabricating the design.

Design development and design research play a key role in the growth of tech companies and the revitalization of the city neighborhoods. This is what makes Pittsburgh a role model city and an inspiring location to host the G20 Summit.

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