Welcome to The Story of Design

The Story of Design is not a place for abstract design jargon. It is a website with the sole purpose of sharing the methods and processes of product designers and design researchers with professionals involved in creating things. Welcome to the Story of Design a new blog by Bright Innovation, we look forward to sharing our story.

This new project will be Bright Innovation’s exploration to share design tools with designers and non-designers alike. This website will serve as a hub where Bright Innovation shares our experiments, workshops of our methods and critique of inspiring examples of design tools.

  • Experiments – We are always seeking to improve our results, so we constantly think about our process and tools we use to gather insights and design novel products and services. As we try things, we will share them as we hone them into a new methods.
  • Workshops – Our approach is different. We engage our clients and users in conversations, interviews and experiments. Sharing these methods is important to us, so we have created a series of workshops to spread the word.
  • Critique – Highlighting an innovative product or method through critique whether it is good or bad and how it fits into the design culture is another aspect of SoD.

Through The Story of Design it is our hope to share the processes and thought processes of designers with professionals. Through this knowledge sharing we hope to enhance the prevalence of multidisciplinary teams working to create products that delight and inspire the people who use them.

Please join the discussion by thoughtfully commenting in our blog or attending one of our upcoming workshops.

We hope you enjoy our story,
The Bright Innovation Design Team

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