Marketing with Thought, Food, and Heart

Marketing is tough in a slow economy. Driving business to your company is not easy. However, our friends and Pinkergreen Design in Boston have a secret weapon, Hostess Sno Balls! Bright Innovation were recipients in their latest marketing campaign. See what we received in the mail and why we applaud them for their original and  creative marketing strategy.

Pinkergreen Package - Received and Opened!

Sno Balls are unwrapped!

This strategic marketing plan when straight to our hearts (and our stomachs) and left us with a warm sugar high and pleasant thoughts of Pinkergreen Design.  In a follow up call to Pinkergreen to thank them for the sweet treats; they said that their marketing campaign was a huge success, and that it brought new work their way.

In today’s market, companies and businesses market themselves using digital campaigns and social networks to reach the masses.  We are blasted by these updates everyday when we open our in-boxes. What has become the exception is a simple written note or a thoughtful package as a means of marketing what you do. This exception becomes a physical artifact that you can just delete. It’s a reminder that there’s a person behind that business who has thought to send you something. Pinkergreen’s marketing campaign might not reach 1000’s of new clients, but it will create  lasting business relationships that will lead to more than just one job or project.

See more of Pinkergreen’s work on their website or read their latest updates on their blog.

3 thoughts on “Marketing with Thought, Food, and Heart

  1. Wow, Bright! Can’t thank you enough for your kind words and positive feedback. In the midst of a cold and snowy winter, whether in Pittsburgh or Boston, it’s fun to dream of Pink snow all the while enjoying it with a set of Hostess treats. So glad you enjoyed your snoballs! Xoxo, Happy Valentine’s Day…

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