The Value of Continuing Education In Creative Professions

Are you a business professional in Pittsburgh? Do you ever wonder how you can develop the skills necessary to elevate your skills and those of your team to the next level to help your company excel in your market?

Why Are We The Experts?

We help our clients focus in on the opportunities and then develop a product or service. Look at our work. We’ve helped large companies such as Alcoa, Bayer Material Science and Mckesson. And, startups such as Plextronics and Clearcount Medical Solutions to create innovative products.

What Are We Teaching?

Bright Innovation hosts a series of workshops centered around sharing the same design tools and ideas we share with our clients everyday. We have honed our process over the years and are ready to share it with anyone involved in the creation process. Why share our secrets? We do it, because this is our passion – we would rather help make better products and services that solve real problems.

Client Example

The tools Bright employed to solve this particular problem included researching the users needs, how they work and where the product is used. Bright shared an array of rough, foam models that helped nurses critique the device. Users were able to rule out various models to focus their attention on key ideas and features. Rough models are great at quickly describing functions and features to people. Surgical medical devices are particularly tricky, as the design team felt the pressure of creating a device that possesses the power to save someone’s life.

Clearcount Medical Solutions approached us with an idea. An idea to make patients undergoing surgery safer. Published studies indicate that today one in every 1,000 to 1,500 intraabdominal surgeries results in a sponge left behind in the patient. A retained sponge incident can lead to serious complications…(Clearcount, press kit pdf download). Bright Innovation and Clearcount developed and designed a device that is able to digitally find and count the sponges used in surgery. This innovative product saves lives, and is a solution to a life threatening problem.

What Is The Upcoming Class?

The next workshop is Prototyping For Pennies, one of the tools used during the Clearcount project. This workshop deals with experimenting with various solutions by creating quick, cheap prototypes. Prototypes are built to suit the problem at hand. This workshop begins by helping students sensitize themselves to the needs of the people for which they are problem solving. It then advances to testing an idea with those same assumptions and refining the form by refining their prototype or model.

What Do You Get?

Join us in one of our upcoming workshops. We will arm you with the ideas and tools that will help you lead and inspire teams of professionals.  Now is the time to devote some time and resources to education and planning so when an opportunity presents itself you will have the ability to fully take

advantage and produce truly innovative work for your company.
At all of our events we ensure we will not only provide you with lasting, inspirational ideas that you can execute in your work or with your team we will also provide you with materials to help you share these ideas.

When is it?

Our next workshop will be Wednesday, March 3rd.  The workshop will include breakfast and costs $89, but if you become our fan on Facebook save $10 off the admission price. All students get a $10 discount. Spaces are limited, please call us to register today! Call Bright Innovation at 412.325.6705

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