Yves Behar Stories at the Greener Gadgets Conference

We attended the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City this past week.   The opening keynote speaker was, Yves Behar, founder and designer behind fuseproject. fuseproject is an integrated design agency who focused on developing emotional experiences of brands through story telling.  His goal to push green notions; green can be sexy and desirable. He talked about several products his team worked on that pushed this idea, one being his partnership with PACT.

“Change starts with your underwear.” – PACT underwear

PACT is a line of underwear that is design driven and material conciseness. The goal of this line is to not only make green sexy but to make people aware of where their products come from.  The biggest challenge for the designers at fuseproject was sourcing materials within 100 miles (everything from cotton, to sewing, to inks). Berhar partnered with this company to help not only with the design but the branding as well. As design partner they had the ability to launch several products as well as create the branding and message. This become more than a short term project, it develops into a legacy. Through their design and branding they were able to launch several lines of PACT designs each for a social or environmental cause.

Behar’s had three main take –aways from Greener Gadgets:

  1. Push green notions, green can be sexy and desirable
  2. Reinvent the business of design, look beyond short term projects Think about how you can be a partnership with a client and create a legacy.
  3. Bring design where it’s needed, to people and places where design will have the greatest impact.

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