Workshop Recap: Prototyping for Pennies

Yesterday Bright Innovation hosted a workshop, Prototyping for Pennies. This workshop deals with issues around creating cheap yet informative prototypes. These prototypes are based on mental models, or personas, that are based on generalizations about real-people who we have interviewed and observed when we conduct user research.  As we design objects and services we think about how we would meet the needs and lifestyle of our personas.

This user-centered component, like personas,  is discussed briefly in Prototyping for Pennies as topic to help participants collaborate and zero in on a design solution. Bright Innovation is  designing future workshops specifically around conducting user-centered research. Using design and research tools to disseminate observations into useful product ideas is an important part of the design process and is the focus in future sessions. An upcoming user-centered workshops will be empathy training called, “Be Your Customer.”

In this case study from the March 3rd, Prototyping for Pennies session, we had a small-group, but a diverse group. The workshop attendees included: consultants, business professionals, Bright clients, design professors and students. We hosted the event in our design studio classroom.

Very worthwhile. Great tool for driving the design process and initiating conversation. – Bright Tools Attendee

Prototype from Group 2

Prototype from Group 1

The workshop was a great success, and we are looking forward our next workshop on April 28th!

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