Mypressi TWIST at the International Home and Housewares Show

Bright Innovation attended the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago this past month.  To start off our round-up of the product design stories we heard, we’re starting with one of our favorites: mypressi TWIST.  The TWIST is an incredibly easy to use hand-held espresso maker that requires no external power at all!

mypressi TWIST

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to make it to the Housewares show in Chicago, one thing that’s not lacking in presence is an espresso maker around every corner. Typically, a cup of coffee is what exhibitors are using to lure buyers into their booth in the first place, but when espresso is all you’ve got, you really have to use your story and the product experience to bring customers in.  Mypressi did an incredible job of telling their story.  Not only had the booth been highly recommended during the IDSA panel, but the moment we passed by, we were drawn in.  The CEO, Stephen O’Brien, was in the booth himself offering up delicious espresso beverages.  Walking past his booth felt more like stepping into a modern café, and he couldn’t have been more welcoming.

The mypressi story is actually quite nice.  While vacationing on his honeymoon in Bora Bora, there wasn’t a good cup of coffee to be found anywhere.  He figured there had to be a way to bring a good espresso with him everywhere, and his business plan started right then and there in a hut over the lagoon. As Stephen pointed out, we’ve been boiling water for ages, it should be simple to make a good espresso.  Three years and an engineering victory later, the TWIST is on the shelves.

Inside the handle of the TWIST is a recyclable 8g pressure cartridge (similar to those that have been used in whipped cream dispensers for years) and a tiny pneumatic engine capable of regulating the cartridge pressure at 135psi for the perfect espresso pour.  Each one has enough pressure contained to make up to four double shots or eight single shots of espresso.  The TWIST takes fresh ground coffee or your standard ESE pods, and all it needs is a little hot water before it’s ready to brew.

Simplistic in design, truly portable to use and easy to clean, this tiny little machine pours out a delicious and smooth espresso in just under 30 seconds.

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