Join a Pittsburgh Green Design Team

The Story about the Green + Screen Project

Despite nearly $60 million in investment over the past 10 years, twenty-nine vacant spaces, poorly screened parking lots, and miscellaneous set-back buildings are situated within the Penn Avenue Arts District. These are what we have come to call “green + screen intervention sites.” Like every other neighborhood organization in the country, we have neither the capacity nor the inclination to purchase and produce a new structure on every single lot on the avenue. Yet, these intervention sites are the classic negative images that re-inscribe perceptions of the neighborhoods. The Green + Screen project is centered on creating architectural screens and landscaping that can fill in the gaps on the avenue–making a more cohesive arts corridor.The first Green + Screen is located at  the 4903 lot of Penn Avenue. Construction of this screen is currently underway! See photos of the current project here.

Who is part of this Design Story?

The ecoDesigners Guild(eDG) has formed a volunteer design team that  includes industrial + graphic designers, architects, and engineers. This team works in conjunction with Summit Academy who has been doing the construction.  The Friendship Development Associates and the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative has give the team the first pilot project at 4903 Penn Avenue and has sought out funding from the URA to continue with the project at 2 other locations on Penn.  The Green + Screen Project is currently expanding to 2 other lots on Penn Avenue: the K-2 Convenience Store and the parking lot of Spak Brothers Pizza.

Join the team and make something great!

The ecoDesigners Guild (eDG) is looking to form 2 additional volunteer design teams to create Green +Screens for the new lots. A Green + Screen info meeting will be held at the Brillobox (upstairs) on June 17th from 7-9pm.  This project is a fantastic way to give back to a Pittsburgh neighborhood in a green and sustainable way through brilliant design! Join eDG at the Brillobox and see how to make a difference in a neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “Join a Pittsburgh Green Design Team

  1. Is your plan to just “fill in the gaps” with these screens, or do you have any ideas of what’s going on BEHIND the screens.

    I think that’s a good “first step”, but this is space that could be potentially very useful and a community asset.

    Really interested in any thoughts behind this.

    • Thanks for your interest in the project! The green part of the screen is that there will be landscaping in the lot behind the screen (which has areas that you can see through). We will be using plants that are native to Western PA and plants that are hearty and don’t require a lot of up keep. However, Summit Academy students will maintain the lot as well. For the other lots that are part of the project we will probably do more greening than screening. Hope you can come out to our meeting on June 17th!

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