Day 1: Pittsburg Design Competition – Design a Martini Glass

Pittsburgh Glass Center, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka and Pittsburgh Magazine are sponsoring a design competition….Design a new martini glass!  The deadline is this Friday at 4pm.  The Bright Innovation design team has taken up the challenge!  We will spend the week and go through our design process (fast-paced) and deliver 3 concepts by Friday. Each day we’ll take you through a step of our process so you can see first hand how go from ‘inspiration to innovation’ in 1 week.  Here are the results from today…

Day 1: Project Kick-off :  Research  + Brainstorming

Research – Before we put a pen to paper, we always want to research our topic.  Before the Project Kick-off, two team members did some research at the Sunnyledge Inn’s Martini Bar.  We talked with the bartender and watched his  martini making process and style (video of this research to come…).

Brainstorming – After reviewing the research, we began to generate ideas.  We did some benchmarking to see what current martini glass designs are in the market already. We discussed materials that would keep the martini chilled and drew out ideas inspired from classic and timeless products.

Stay Tuned! Tomorrow we’ll  begin to narrow down our ideas and begin to refine our concepts.

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