Day 5: Proof Print Submit – Pittsburgh Design Competition

Time’s up! I am writing this post at 4:10PM on Friday – this means that our entries for the martini glass competition should be submitted and finalized. Lets hope our courier didn’t hit any traffic.

Notice we skipped Day 4? Well, we didn’t want to give anything away, but trust that we were hard at work all five days.

We spent the final hours of our project completing the CAD drawings and renderings; making sure the lighting glinted on the glass, ice cubes and virtual beverage are posed as realistically as possible. No farkle was left unturned during our final critique.

During our review each designer presented their final remarks about how their pieces styling communicates the qualities of Boyd & Blair’s brand. We also discussed functional features, such as: how people hold the glass, how the glass communicates its core features and how it keeps liquid cold.

After these discussions about our pieces, the team crafted our marketing stories around each product, to communicate our design intent to the judging panel and connoisseurs of martinis who attend the final competition in the Pittsburgh Glass Centers gallery.

The winner of this competition will be hosted October 15th at the Art on Fire Celebration & Auction. But, before the celebration there will be an interim deadline to test and build some of the finalists pieces. We will see just how long some of these glasses will keep a drink chilled. We will stay tuned if any of our submissions are chosen as finalists for testing.

One thought on “Day 5: Proof Print Submit – Pittsburgh Design Competition

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