Engineer Saves his Own Life with Rapid Prototyping

Interdisciplinary approach advances the field of heart surgery.

The tools of scanning technologies to reverse engineer an object or rapid prototyping from a 3D model to create a part are not new to product engineers and designers.

When these same techniques get used to create an implant that results in a new procedure, that’s really interesting.

Here’s the situation:

In 2000, Tal Golesworthy, a process engineer from Tewkesbury, was told that the aortic root in his heart had expanded to 4.8cm and was in danger of splitting. He had two choices; undergo surgery to insert a mechanical valve or risk a sudden and fatal heart attack.

Golesworthy used the tools of his trade to develop his own implant.  Now it’s been used in 23 other patients.


(via PopSci)

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