Prototyping on the Road: Innovation with Velcro

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Thanks to Magnet in Cleveland and the NE Ohio Chapter of the PDMA for hosting Thursday’s session of Prototyping for Pennies.  The participants were great.

The workshop is a hands-on mini-project in low fidelity prototyping.  The participants were assigned a persona and a context and asked to create a story around that person in that situation.

Next they worked their product development skills on creating a device to meet that person’s need in that story.

Their prototypes, along with a few other photos, are in the slideshow above.

When it came time to present, two of the teams actually acted out their scenarios instead of just describing them.  It was fantastic and the devices they came up with were extremely creative.

We’re making this workshop, and several others, available to customers upon request over the course of the next couple of weeks for a fixed price.  Details will be coming soon on the Bright Tools page.

Another note:  I had a good friend suggest that the name ‘Prototyping for Pennies’ isn’t great.  I’d like to hear other suggestions.

Here are a couple:

Interactive Prototyping

Research Prototyping

High Speed Prototyping

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