What are we doing? I don’t know. But, we’ve got to hurry up and get started!

Saw this great post over at Accidental Creative yesterday.

Todd Henry is pushing back on people who say they don’t have time for building effective and healthy practices into their lives.  He encounters people who say they’d really like to follow his advice, but they just can’t find the time.

Todd’s answer:

After collecting myself, I reply…
Did you at any point in the last week:

Watch TV?

Read for pleasure?

Check Facebook/Twitter?

Spend any time at work where you weren’t really working?

Take a lunch break?

Chat with friends?


We don’t find time to build new practices or do the right thing.  We have got to schedule time.  ‘Found time’ will be eaten up by life and activity before we even realize we’ve got it.  To make something a priority you have to actually allocate intentional time to it.

In new product development efforts, we often see companies that hesitate to do research to understand their customer.  They want to hurry up to get on with developing their new technology and can’t be bothered doing a bunch of up front studying.

The argument often goes something like this:

‘Let’s spend some time understanding the customer and their context to determine if this is a good solution for them and what would be the way they would most like to experience it.’

‘That sounds great.  We’d like to do that, but we don’t have (time/money/executive support), so can’t you just skip that step and make it really great?’

They may even know that they should be spending time really understanding the experience their customers would like to have, but will skip that effort to get to the ‘real work’ of technical development.

They would like to do research.  They’d like to make sure they’re even making the right product. If they could only find the time.

Instead, there’s a rush to do something, anything.

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