Smartphones Killed the Flip

The Flip is dead.  It’s a shame.  We use them a lot.   They’re a great, inexpensive research tool

The New York Times Technology section has a writeup on how smartphones devastated the Flip, and GPS devices.

Cisco’s inexperience with the consumer electronics market was another factor.

I had a personal experience with this less than two years ago.

On the way to a user research session at the Cleveland Clinic I got a call from a designer on our team.  He forgot to pack video cameras.

No problem.  I used my iPhone to find a store.  I stopped, bought a couple of Flip cameras and we were back in business.  I used my iPhone to get me back on track to my location.  I texted him that I was on my way and had new cameras.  Everything was under control.

I never suspected that the tool used to find those video cameras would be what killed them.  The next generation of that phone would eliminate my need to even make the stop.

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