Mimicking Nature in Design

Blowfish Dress by AmishAmishA
Blowfish Dress, a photo by AmishAmishAon Flickr.      

 Shawn Graham has a post over on the Fast Company blog about Nature in Design, realized in cocktail dresses. Amisha Gandini has created some fascinating designs.Check her Flikr feed for picture of the blowfish dress and a dress that self-amputates like a lizard tail.

That reminded me of some other biomimcry designs. Remember the Speedo LZR swimsuits that resulted in all of those swimming records. They were built on the way a shark’s skin is constructed and allow swimmers to move through the water more smoothly. Swimmers set 23 world records wearing this technology at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Or, how about Velcro? George de Mestral invented velcro based on what he saw under his microscope in the burrs he had so much trouble removing from his clothes and his dog’s fur after a 1941 hunting trip.  He imitated the hooks of the burrs and loops found on his clothes to create a new kind of fastener.

Do you have any examples of biomimcry that fascinate you?

2 thoughts on “Mimicking Nature in Design

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