FEI 2013


I’m on my way home from FEI 2013.  Immersed.  Embedded with innovators for three day.  Immersion is the first of several big concepts that came up repeatedly.


Being in new  countries, new cultures.  Embedded with our customers, our suppliers, our healthcare.


The internet of things.  All of our stuff talking to each other.  Our toothbrush will talk to our dentist.  Our treadmill will talk to our cardiologist.  Our refridgerator will talk to our toilet…or maybe the other way around.  All this will lead to…


Lots of data about our health.   It’s not just about treating disease, it’s also about focusing on customized wellness, based on our genome.  Not just our genome, but the proteins it produces.  And not just that, it’s also characterizing the many microorganisms that live on and in us.  There are ten times as many of them as  there are cells with our DNA.  They have an impact on use, too.

It’s about disruption.  It’s about delighting people.  It’s about inflection points.

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