Our Stuff Will Tell Us Stories

Over at Flip the Media, Cynthia Andrews has a story on Josh Coulson, a data-based story teller at LinkedIn.

His focus is on the interface between big data and stories.   Companies are already using our activity on the web to send us targeted marketing.  He thinks we’re just getting started:

“The internet of things will bring about a whole new level of data that will enable companies to offer new products and services to each consumer based on their needs. We will continue to tell stories driving the level of intelligence in common decision-making further.”

So our stuff will know our habits and needs and we will get marketing messages that are tailored accordingly.  Not sure if I want my toaster sending me adds about whole grain bread.

Still, that worries me less than messages from my toilet.

Day Made of Glass: Glass Innovation or Too Much Like Minority Report?

I shared this video by Corning with my Product Planning students at Carnegie Mellon this week.  They had some great observations about the consistency of the interfaces.  The reaction was mostly positive.

They did expressed some concern with ubiquitous displays and how they might distract people from tasks like cooking or driving.

One student also mentioned that all that glass with touchscreen interaction, would lead to needing to clean up a lot of fingerprints.

I think it’s a great speculative piece how a set of technologies could look with the right integration and design.

I was a little worried when the kiosk in the clothing store recognized Jennifer and brought up items that would fit her shopping habits.  I’m not sure I want that level of convenience at the expense of the privacy you’d give up to get it.

Marketing with Thought, Food, and Heart

Marketing is tough in a slow economy. Driving business to your company is not easy. However, our friends and Pinkergreen Design in Boston have a secret weapon, Hostess Sno Balls! Bright Innovation were recipients in their latest marketing campaign. See what we received in the mail and why we applaud them for their original and  creative marketing strategy. Continue reading